Andy Cox

andy-coxAndy Cox
Innovation & Solutions Director




I run the Innovations & Solutions Unit at IPL, which is our incubator for great ideas. It’s great because we have a real startup mentality where staff can spend time developing relevant ideas. Most recently, we’ve been putting the finishing touches to our mobile and digital business platform, which will enable customers to roll out mobile apps and services quickly and securely. Linked to this is the work we’ve been doing in Enterprise Information Management, particularly around Big Data Analytics and creating systems that enable companies to use their information in clever ways, like creating a ‘single view’ of their customer data to improve customer service and targeted marketing.

My earliest involvement in the technology scene was at CERN, at the very dawn of the world wide web when Tim Berners-Lee was there. I moved to Bath a few years later to become a developer at IPL and worked my way up, moving into a research and development role before setting up the Innovations & Solutions Unit last year.

I want to see people using technology in genuinely clever ways to solve real-world problems


What excites you most about the Bath, Bristol and South West tech scene?
The size and diversity of the tech community across the cities never ceases to surprise me. The variety of innovative companies doing amazing things has exploded in the last couple of years, and it’s truly exciting to be at the midst of it.

What are you hoping to see from Sparkies nominees?
Technology innovation on its own is great, but true game-changing innovation is when people use technology in genuinely clever ways to solve real-world problems. It’s this kind of transformative innovation that I’ll be hoping to see.