Debbie Rawlings

Bristol Games Hub



Debbie is co-founder and director of operations at Auroch Digital, an indie games developer and consultancy based in Bristol. She is also co-founder of Bristol Games Hub, the non-profit hub, supporting the SW games development community. Debbie got into the games industry over five years ago, helping set up two new studios and running monthly socials to help facilitate the growth of the games scene in Bristol. She’s inspired and excited about the future of games in the South West and beyond, but would love to see more women involved on every level!

“I’m hoping to see well thought-out ideas, creative prowess and user-centred design”


What excites you most about the tech scene in Bristol, Bath and the South West?

Bristol and Bath are now defined as a destination for games developers and the community is growing! More studios are popping up, more freelancers are making a living from games and more graduates are getting paid work in the industry.  We’re seeing lots of really interesting collaborations and we’ve seen huge growth in Bristol in the last 3 years, which continues with more interest recently from developers relocating to the area, particularly from London. The future of our industry in this region is really exciting!

What are you hoping to see from the SPARKies nominees?
Well thought-out ideas, creative prowess and user-centred design.