About BaseKit

BaseKit is a software development company founded in 2008, with most of our 25 staff based at our HQ in central Bristol. The BaseKit platform is a responsive website builder used by over 100 telcos and web hosting providers worldwide and powers over 9 million websites. The responsive site editor allows website creation from mobile, tablet and desktop devices, enabling anyone to publish a beautiful website.

Our Culture

As a team, we strive to be collaborative, open to new ideas and supportive of each other. We believe that a good team means work is a place of learning and personal growth without being a chore.

We want everyone to share our values of inclusiveness, openness and working great together. We also recognise that written company values mean nothing if they aren’t backed up by our day to day behaviour.

BaseKit provides many perks in and out of work to all staff: health care, yoga, working from home days, lunch and learn days and company days out to name just some of them – not to mention a great work-life balance. The tech team also goes out for monthly meals/breakfast
funded by the business, in more recent times we have moved to a weekly tech social meeting where we play simple interactive games together online.

Our Development Team

We recognise the importance of our developers and like to provide them with the right tools to do their job. Our developers use a mixture of MacBook Pros and high-end Linux laptops.

The development community is important to us too, in pre-Covid19 days we used to host meetups in our office, and we encourage the team to contribute to open source projects.

We really love it when we can see the GitHub profile of people applying for roles in our team. If you have a public GitHub profile, we’d be ecstatic if you sent it over. Don’t worry, we’ve got lots of unfinished side projects and test code on our profiles, we don’t expect to see a profile full of perfect code.

We understand the need to keep your skills up to date and the natural curiosity of software developers, in the spirit of this we have a 90/10 policy designed to give you some space to build something interesting, try a new technology or just fix a bug that’s been annoying you.

Technical Knowledge/Skills

As an experienced front end software engineer, you’ll be used to SOLID principles, OOP, code composition and design patterns. We prefer composition over inheritance and use dependency injection a lot (we use BottleJS). Whilst we do maintain an amount of legacy
code, we are continually moving forward and refactoring, so any new code is always using the latest ECMAScript features.

Essentially, we’re looking for a developer with a good understanding of modern web development. We use a react/redux architecture in our new projects, and we maintain and improve on our existing products which primarily use backbone and marionette. Ultimately, we believe that good software engineers are able to adapt to the problem at hand so it’s not essential you have a deep knowledge of these libraries, but some experience is always good to see.

In our codebase it’s unavoidable that you’ll have to write some HTML and CSS so competency with these is good. We use Sass (more specifically SCSS) when creating styles, we have some legacy code that uses Less too, and we use twig for our markup.

It would be a great advantage to have done at least some testing (either unit or behavioural) in JavaScript, we use Jasmine (and Enzyme) to write behavioural and unit tests for our front end code, and Puppeteer for functional tests.

We have a continuous integration & build process for our JavaScript that uses (amongst other things) Webpack, we would like you to have some experience using similar build tools.

We find we’re relying on Node more and more, we have Node apps that generate screenshots, bundle fonts and deploy our code via Slack – experience in this is a plus. In a post-COVID world we’ll be changing the way we work. We will be asking our technical employees to be in the office 2 days each week, the other 3 days will be home based. So, if you don’t live in Bristol but could travel to Bristol for those 2 days, we’d love to hear from you.

Salary for the role is up to £40,000

To apply for this job please visit www.basekit.com.

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