Making The Pitch #3 - How To Get A Reply In 3-Days!

13th April 2021  7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Online Event

Sending a pitch as a PDF is tough. You have no control over when the pitch is viewed or how much attention the audience gives your message. Yet this is the reality many of us face as we connect with people in a virtual world.


I sent a PDF pitch to a warm contact at the NBA with a three-line cover message as an email and received a reply in 3-days. Why did this remote pitch work? I put the audience at the centre of the message and talked about their needs in their language while clearly stating what I do and how it could help them.

Join me on April 13th at 7pm UK time to go Behind The Slides and see the process of developing a pitch that connects with your audience, as well as seeing how you can adapt a message framework to suit your needs.

In this webinar, I will share:

  • The process of defining the pitch goals
  • Developing the message
  • Writing the script
  • Visualising the slides

This webinar is perfect for you if you

  • Want to improve your pitching skills
  • Want to learn how to use analogies to talk about what you do which relate directly to your audience
  • Create visual emotive slides
  • The insights shared in this session are relevant to both in-person (remember those) and online events.

Benefits of attending

  • Be inspired
  • Demystify the process of making a presentation
Webinar format: 40 mins sharing, 20mins QnA

Speaker profile

I’m Martin, & I’m a pitch coach with 20 years of experience in London & Beijing writing pitches for; tech company CEOs, Hollywood A-listers, the board of directors at global automotive brands & local brands. Mentoring founders as they take the stage at demo-day for Plug and Play, Chinaccelerator, Angelhack & Startup Grind as well as students preparing to become professionals.

Event details

From: 13th April 2021, 7:00 PM
To: 13th April 2021, 8:00 PM
Location: Online Event

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