Managing Remote Software Engineers?

2nd December 2020  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Online Event
We're hearing that, quite understandably, rapidly adopting comprehensive remote engineering practices during a pandemic has entailed challenges.
Your team may already have included remote engineering colleagues, with some adjustments made, but is this hybrid approach working optimally? What if you were all remote?
You may be finding it harder to predict when you can ship software, and it can seem opaque as to where the root causes may lie. Your people may face fresh obstacles around sharing ideas, communicating designs, standups, whiteboarding, and more. You want to protect your people from the strain, and yet you must still deliver.
It's quite possible this may be any combination of workflow factors, cultural aspects or an exacerbation of pre-existing underlying issues.   We look forward to hearing your views and exploring how you can establish effective remote engineering practices, whatever your model going forwards.
Please consider, and be prepared to explore during the discussion:
- How have remote practices changed things, for better or worse?

- In what ways does performance seem affected? How can you tell?
- How do you separate which issues are, say, operational, cultural, or simply fatigue from such a changeable year?
- Are your people really behaving differently?
- Are issues resolvable in the same ways?
Host: Robert Turnbull. Robert is currently 'Director of Agile Services', coaching distributed teams and driving the adoption of automated delivery pipelines. A pragmatist, he's interested in helping business leaders achieve agility above dogma. He can also draw upon his experiences from running nimble automated approaches to software engineering, DevOps and product delivery functions.
* Please note; this is a change of topic, resulting from the group member poll. We may get chance to revisit 'Was your Agile transformation doomed to disappoint?' during 2021, in balance with demand.

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From: 2nd December 2020, 4:00 PM
To: 2nd December 2020, 6:00 PM
Location: Online Event

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